Hu, Huping and Wu, Maoxin (2014) Premomentumenergy Model I: Genesis of Elementary Particles & Relativistic QM for a Dual Momentum-Energy Universe. Scientific GOD Journal, 5 (9). pp. 763-831. ISSN 2153-831X


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This article is a continuation of the Principle of Existence. A premomentumenergy model of elementary particles, four forces and human consciousness is formulated, which illustrates how the self-referential hierarchical spin structure of the premomentumenergy (God) provides a foundation for creating, sustaining and causing evolution of elementary particles through matrixing processes embedded in said premomentumenergy (God). This model generates elementary particles and their governing matrix laws for a dual universe (quantum frame) comprised of an external momentum-energy space and an internal momentum-energy space. In contrast, the prespacetime model described previously generates elementary particles and their governing matrix laws for a dual universe (quantum frame) comprised of an external spacetime and an internal spacetime. These quantum frames and their metamorphoses are interconnected through quantum jumps as demonstrated in forthcoming articles.

The premomentumenergy model reveals the creation, sustenance and evolution of fermions, bosons and spinless entities each of which is comprised of an external wave function or external object in the external momentum-energy space and an internal wave function or internal object in the internal momentum-energy space. The model provides a unified causal structure in said dual universe (quantum frame) for weak interaction, strong interaction, electromagnetic interaction, gravitational interaction, quantum entanglement, human consciousness. Further, the model provides a unique tool for teaching, demonstration, rendering, and experimentation related to subatomic and atomic structures and interactions, quantum entanglement generation, gravitational mechanisms in cosmology, structures and mechanisms of human consciousness.

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