Pereira, Contzen (2016) Is it Quantum Sentience or Quantum Consciousness? A Review of Social Behaviours Observed in Primitive and Present-Day Microorganisms. NeuroQuantology, 14 (1). pp. 16-27.



Social and intelligent behavioural designs have been observed in primitive and present day microorganisms in all three kingdoms of life. These behavioural patterns help microorganisms, to understand, evaluate and judge their constantly varying environment. Behaviour is represented as conscious moment, which occurs due to an event, which may be intentional or unintentional. Microorganisms have the capability of displaying behaviours, which can be compared to cognitive actions of the neural system in higher organisms. This review is a collection of social behaviours observed in present-day microorganisms as well as predicted behaviours in microfossils that have been studied so far. The intent of this review is to prove the origin and existence of consciousness or sentient awareness in microorganisms based on which these social behaviours originated and its comparison to multifaceted conscious behaviours observed in higher beings; its correlation to quantum generated consciousness which enables organisms to understand and judge perceptions, which gives the organism a prospect to behave as per will.

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