Pitkänen, Matti (2010) The Notion of Wave Genome and DNA as Topological Quantum Computer. In: Genes and Memes. Matti Pitkanen,

PDF (TGD based view about wave-DNA concept of Peter Gariaev)
PDF (Chapter in the Internet book "Genes and Memes") - Updated Version


Peter Gariaev and collaborators have reported several strange effects of laser light
and also ordinary light on DNA. These findings include the rotation of polarization plane of laser light by DNA, phantom DNA effect, the transformation of laser light to radio-wave photons having biological effects, the coding of DNA sequences to the modulated polarization plane of laser light and the ability of this kind of light to induce gene expression in another organisms provided the modulated polarization pattern corresponds to an "address" characterizing the organism, and the formation of images of what is believed to be DNA sample itself and of the objects of environment by DNA sample in a cell irradiated by ordinary light in UV-IR range. In this article a TGD based model for these effects is discussed.

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