Integration of rational and conscious experience is the base of planetary society

Sorli, Amrit (2010) Integration of rational and conscious experience is the base of planetary society. Philosophical Papers and Reviews, Vol 2 (Num 2).

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In every country in the world we teach our children that they belong to a certain nation and religion. The fact that we all live on the same planet Earth is not taken into consideration. The result is that we raise people with narrow personal identification, which can always be manipulated and used for violence and war with people of other nations and religions. In order to stop this centuries-long destruction we have to raise new generations that will first belong to the planetary society and second to a certain nation or religion. In the today’s educational system worldwide we mostly develop the rational analytic experience of the world, while the conscious synthetic experience if left aside. In order to strengthen the integration forces between people of this planet the scientific analytic experience needs to be enriched with conscious synthetic experience of the world. Conscious experience has a dimension of “sacredness”; one discovers his/her deep connectedness with other human beings, the nature and the universe. This experience of oneness is the basis for a peaceful planetary society living in cohabitation with nature.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Perception, experience, observer, observing, rational mind, consciousness, watching, witnessing, self-experience, mind, time, timeless, oneness, planetary society, dual-aspect-dual-mode PE-SE framework, proto-experience, subjective experience, peace, happiness, war, suffering
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