Einstein’s Relativity bridges Science and Religion

Sorli, Amrit and Toplak, Ludvik and Krizanic, Robert and Vettori, Giancarlo (2010) Einstein’s Relativity bridges Science and Religion. In: Astana Spiritual Forum, 2010, October, 16-21, Astana Kazahstan.

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The integration of science and religion is the experimental basis for “Planetary Education”. In educational programs world-wide we have to develop a harmoniously scientific mind and conscious observing (watching, witnessing) of how scientific mind works. Watching the mind is the function of consciousness. In every human being it is the same consciousness functioning as an observer – watcher. By watching one’s mind one wakes up one’s consciousness and enters into “conscious experience” of the world that is free of all stereotypes of the mind.
Today in every country in the world minds of our children are filled with narrow ideas belonging to a certain nation and religion. The fact that we all live on the same planet Earth is not taken into consideration. The result is that we raise people with narrow personal identification which can always be manipulated and used for violence and war with people of other nations and religions. In order to stop this centuries-long destruction we have to raise new generations that will firstly belong to the planetary society, and only secondly to a certain nation or religion.
In order to strengthen the integration forces between people of this planet the scientific experience needs to be enriched with conscious experience of the world. The conscious experience has a dimension of “sacredness”; one discovers one’s deep connectedness with other human beings, the nature and the universe. This experience of Oneness is the basis for a peaceful planetary society living in cohabitation with nature.

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Additional Information:Amrit Sorli is an independent scholar. He searches on fundamental questions of cosmology, evolution of life, consciousness, religiousness and their relatedness. Results of his research are published in several scientific journals. In this paper he is illustrating the path from the “peak” of the rational mind into the “depths” of cosmic religiousness.
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