Relation between Psychological Time and Physical Time

Sorli, Amrit Relation between Psychological Time and Physical Time. [Preprint] (Unpublished)

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Recent physical research on time suggests that time is not a physical reality in which humans perceive changes. Time measured with clocks is merely a numerical sequence of changes that takes place in quantum vacuum. Humans experience this constant flow of numerical sequence of change in the frame of psychological time, i.e. “past-present-future”. In physical reality, the past, present, and future exist only as a mathematical numerical sequence of change taking place in quantum vacuum; time as a numerical sequence of change as measured with clocks is exclusively a mathematical quantity. We humans perceive this mathematical numerical order of change with our senses, then it is processed within the framework of linear psychological time “past-present-future”, and finally it is experienced. The physical time that we measure with clocks is exclusively a numerical sequence of physical change, while the linear “past-present-future” time is exclusively a psychological reality contained in the human mind.

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