Egoyan, Alexander THE CONCEPTUAL BASIS FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS. General Science Journal . ISSN 1916-5382

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In this work a conceptual basis for multidimensional physics (MD physics) is proposed. The new physics is based on the elastic model of multidimensional geometry [1]. Reality may be considered as the process of time evolution of holistic macro objects - elastic membranes. An embedded membrane in this multidimensional world will look different for the external and internal observers: from the outside it will look like a material object with smooth infinitesimal geometry, while from the inside our Universe-like space-time fabric. When interacting with elementary particles and other membranes, a membrane will transform their energy into its elastic energy (a new form of energy) - the energy of stretching of the infinitesimal segments. For example, living organisms play the role of internal observers of the Universe, and at the same time they serve as external observers for 2D membranes embedded into our Universe. A new explanation of gravity and cosmological aspects are also discussed.

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