Metaphysics of Cosmic Energy and its Goodness

Pereira, Contzen Metaphysics of Cosmic Energy and its Goodness. Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness . (In Press)

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Cosmic energy is good and its goodness created all that was created; for the creator is
immortally teeming with goodness. The cosmic energy is therefore the blueprint of the
creator, which accommodates information of what was, what is and what will be and in its
goodness creates, shapes and guides matter. The cosmic energy transformed matter to create
the being that emerged to be intelligent; a being that acquired the understanding of language.
Language and intelligence were essentially meant to articulate goodness, but ego bought in doubt; subjugated the goodness of energy to bring in a disparity of good and evil. The goodness of energy exists all around us and within us, but our intelligence and egoistic capacitance ignores it; for if we utilize the goodness of this energy, we can overcome our ego and change our thoughts. Everything is good and everything was created from goodness to be good and to remain good, all that needs to be grasped is the goodness that resides in the
cosmos and within us.

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