The Principle of Existence: Towards a Science of Consciousness

Hu, Huping and Wu, Maoxin (2010) The Principle of Existence: Towards a Science of Consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 1 (1). pp. 50-119.

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In the beginning there was Consciousness by itself materially empty but restless. And it began to imagine through primordial self-referential spin such that it created the external object to be observed and internal object as observed, separated them into external world and internal world, caused them to interact through self-referential Matrix Law and thus gave birth to the Universe which it has since passionately loved, sustained and made to evolve. In short, this is our hypothesis of a scientific genesis (principle of existence). In this work, we shall lay out the ontological and mathematical foundations of a Consciousness centered quantum reality which shall include gravity and even spirituality. We will then discuss its implications and applications and make predictions etc.

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