Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-time

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-time. In: Genes and Memes. Matti Pitkanen, tgd.wippiespace.com.

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The topics of the article has been restricted to those, which seem to represent the most well-established ideas about evolution in many-sheeted space-time.

a) Basic facts about and TGD based model for pre-biotic evolution are discussed.

b) A model for the ATP-ADP process based on DNA as topological quantum computer vision, the identification of universal metabolic energy quanta in terms of zero point kinetic energies, and the notion of remote metabolism is discussed.

c) A model for the evolution of the recent genetic code (3-codons) as a fusion of codes for which codons are nucleotides (1-codons) and di-nucleotides (2-codons) is discussed. The symmetries of the genetic code, the observation that tRNA can be seen as a fusion of two hairpin like DNA molecules, and the finding that the first nucleotides of 3-codon code for the reaction path leading from a precursors of the aminoacid to aminoacids for hydrophobic/hydrohilic dichotomy, serve as motivations of the model. 1- and 2-codes corresponding to the two forms of RNA (the exotic 2´-5' RNA and the usual 3'-5' RNA) would have prevailed in RNA world. Aminoacids would have served as catalysts for the copying of RNA on one hand, and RNA molecules would have catalyzed the formation of aminoacids from their precursors on one hand, meaning the presence of a positive feedback loop. In the transition to DNA-aminoacid era RNA began to be translated to aminoacid sequences.

d) Cambrian explosion represents a rather mysterious period in biology: new highly developed phylas emerged out of nowhere. A second strange finding is that continents would fit together to form single super-continent covering entire Earth's surface at time of Cambrian explosion if the radius of Earth would have been one half of its recent value. This finding has inspired Expanding Earth theories but it has not been possible to identify the mechanism causing the expansion. The success of the standard tectonic plate theory requires that possible expansion must have occurred in relatively short geological time scale. The hierarchy of Planck constants implies that cosmic expansion has occurred in quantum leaps increasing the value of hbar and thus of quantum scales by factors which tend to be powers of 2. Cosmic expansion would have occurred as jerks even in the case of planets. In the proposed model Cambrian explosion would have accompanied the expansion of the Earth's radius by a factor of 2: during this period an outburst of highly developed life forms from underground seas to the surface of Earth would have taken place.

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