Generalization of thermodynamics allowing negentropic entanglement and a model for conscious information processing

Pitkänen, Matti (2011) Generalization of thermodynamics allowing negentropic entanglement and a model for conscious information processing. Prespacetime Journal, 2 (1). pp. 67-74. ISSN 2153-8301

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Costa de Beauregard considers a model for information processing by a computer based on an analogy with Carnot's heat engine. I am grateful for Stephen Paul King for bringing this article to my attention in Time discussion group and also for inspiring discussions which also led to the birth of this section. As such the model Beauregard for computer does not look convincing as a model for what happens in biological information processing.

Combined with TGD based vision about living matter, the model however inspires a model for how conscious information is generated and how the second law of thermodynamics must be modified in TGD framework. The basic formulas of thermodynamics remain as such since the modification means only the replacement S--> S-N, where S is thermodynamical entropy and N the negentropy associated with negentropic entanglement. This allows to circumvent the basic objections against the application of Beauregard's model to living systems. One can also understand why living matter is so effective entropy producer as compared to inanimate matter and also the characteristic decomposition of living systems to highly negentropic and entropic parts as a consequence of generalized second law. ADP-ATP process of metabolism provides a concrete application for the generalized thermodynamics.

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