Titāns, Normunds Hypothesis of Extraterrestrial Origins of Life on Earth and Its Anthropologically-Theological Implications: Rhawn Joseph’s Case. [Preprint] (Submitted)

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This paper is based on the insights of American brain scientist Rhawn Joseph, representing the “panspermia” theory of the origination of life on Earth. The ideas of this paper, admittedly, are imaginary, belonging if not to complete nonsense, then at least to “science fiction” rather than properly scientific inference. If the “seeds of life” are dispersed throughout the universe, elsewhere life might have evolved much further than on Earth. Creatures evolving billions of years longer than humans would immeasurably surpass our neuronal, intellectual and technological capabilities, appearing as gods to us. The “seeds of life” then might be implanted on Earth by highly-developed extraterrestrial beings – gods or God – who may have sown the DNA seeds on Earth from some dimension of the multiverse. Conversely, if humans have been genetically created in “the image of God”, and if the development continues, then perhaps humans have the genetic potential to be “gods”. Humans may continue to develop “in the likeness of God”, as more than 90% of the human genome is inactivated. Still, the question remains: How did life emerge, then developing from simpler organisms to humans and further on to higher beings and gods? Do gods have God?

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