Pereira, Contzen (2015) Metaphysics of The Holy Trinity. Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness .

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Consciousness cannot exist without matter, but for consciousness to flow there needs to be a system in place; organized matter, an assembly of structures which supports the flow of consciousness; governed by a feedback mechanism; but the experience still remains as the hard problem of consciousness. My hypothesis: Access consciousness is present in every cell and grows laterally supporting multicellularity, i.e. access consciousness or sentience is the guiding factor for cell division and growth. Phenomenal consciousness on the other hand triggers cell differentiation, and supports development of organs and its systems e.g. brain; the seat of phenomenal consciousness. Phenomenal consciousness of a being connects with the supernatural; God and Spirit; achieved through higher levels of mediation and spirituality supporting the concept of the Holy Trinity. Death results in collapse of the structures which ceases all forms of consciousness in beings.

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