Salmiņa, Valda (2008) The function and rendering in Latvian of genitive constructions in the semantic structure of the Book of Lamentations of Gregor from Narek (in Armenian). In: XI General Conference of the International Association of Armenian Studies (AIEA), 2008, 10-12 September, Paris. (Submitted)



This report deals with the semantics of genitive constructions (adnominal genitive) in Matean Voghberguthean as well as with the searches for rendering equivalents in Latvian. It is based on the method of paraphrase with one or more transformations – the propositions described by John Beekman and John Callow in their fundamental work Translating the Word of God. This method helps to clarify syntactical and logical relations in the word groups and to elucidate the meaning of the phrase. Grammatical construction of adnominal Genitive (nomen regens – nomen rectum) has different functions in the semantic structure of Matean. Along with the more traditional semantics instances of the adnominal genitive [ Possessive Genitive (Stacakanuthyun- patkaneluthyan ), Descriptive Genitive (veraberman), Attributive Genitive /Genitive of Quality, Genitive of Purpose (hatkacman), Genitive of Origin (serman, cagman), Genitive of Source (patcharri), Objective and Subjective Genitive, Genitive of Time, of Place, Genitive of Price /Value /Quantity(paragayakan kirarruthynner teghi, zhamanaki, chap’ u k’anaki)], there exist also several less typical meanings ( masnavor ayl imastavorumner), such as Genitive of Production/ Producer and Genitive of Subordination in cases where the Genitive is dependent on a noun with implicit verbal idea.

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