On Quantum Gravity & Graviton from Non-Mainstream Perspective

Hu, Huping and Wu, Maoxin (2013) On Quantum Gravity & Graviton from Non-Mainstream Perspective. Scientific GOD Journal, 4 (9). pp. 759-782. ISSN 2153-831X

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The natures of quantum gravity and graviton are reviewed and explored from the non-mainstream perspectives. It turns out that quantum gravity is likely manifestation of quantum entanglement and mediated by wave-functions of elementary particles as nonlocal objects. Thus, each elementary particle has its corresponding gravitons comprised of its external and internal wave-functions as nonlocal objects. This new understanding allows one to reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity and explain dark matter and dark energy as nonlocal effects on the cosmic scales. To make the transition from quantum gravity to general relativity, it is theorized that: (1) Ricci scalar R and metric tensor g are originated from and determined by the collective internal and external wave functions of the matter present; (2) in the absence of nonlocal effect of remote matter through quantum entanglement, R and g are only correlated to momentum-energy tensor of the local matter; (3) in the presence of nonlocal effect of remote matter through quantum entanglement, R and g are also influenced by the nonlocal effect of the remote matter currently interpreted (or seen) as dark matter and/or dark energy. Some of the important consequences of this theory are the following: (1) gravitational fields (gravitons as nonlocal objects comprised of internal and external wave functions) may not carry localized or directly detectable momentum and energy; and (2) there may be no gravitational wave since gravity is nonlocal and instantaneous.

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