Quantum Gravitation and Topological Quantum Computation

Pitkänen, Matti Quantum Gravitation and Topological Quantum Computation. [Preprint] (Submitted)

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In this article the connection of quantum gravitation, as it is understood in the TGD framework, with topological quantum computation (TQC) is considered. I sketched the first TGD based vision about DNA as a TQCer for about 13 years ago. In particular, a model of the system consisting of DNA and nuclear/cell membrane system acting as a TQCer was discussed.

TGD has evolved a lot after this and there are several motivations for seeing what comes out from combining the recent view about quantum TGD and TGD inspired quantum biology with this model.


\item There is a rather detailed view about the role of dark matter as phases of ordinary matter with the effective Planck constant $h_{eff}=nh_0$. Large values of $h_{eff}$ allow to overcome the problems due to the loss of quantum coherence.

This leads to the notion of the dark DNA (DDNA), whose codons are realized as dark proton triplets and proposed to accompany the ordinary DNA. Also dark photon triplets are predicted and one ends up to a model of communications and control based on dark cyclotron resonance in which codons serve as addresses and modulation of the signal frequency scale codes the signal to a sequence of pulses. Nerve pulses could be one application.

\item Quite recently, also the understanding of the possible role of quantum gravitation in biochemistry, metabolism, bio-catalysis, and in the function of DNA has considerably increased. The gravitational variants of hydrogen bonds and valence bonds between metal ions having very large value of $h_{eff}= h_{gr}$, where $h_{gr}=GMm/v_0$ is the gravitational Planck constant originally introduced by Nottale, are in a key role in the model and explain metabolic energy quantum as gravitational energy liberated when dark protons "drops" from a very long gravitational flux tube in the transition $h_{gr} \rightarrow h$. Also electronic metabolic energy quantum is predicted and there is empirical support for this.

\item A further motivation comes from the number theoretic vision of quantum TGD. Galois groups as symmetry groups represent new physics and the natural questions are whether Galois groups could give rise to number theoretic variants of anyons and what could the TGD counterparts of the condensed matter (effective) Majorana electrons proposed by Kitaev as anyon like states?

The answer is that quantum superpositions of symmetric hydrogen bonded structures of form X..H-H+X-H...X are excellent candidates for the seats of dark ($h_{eff}>nh_0>h$) bi-localized electrons defining TGD analogs of condensed matter Majorana electrons.

The Galois groups permute the roots of a polynomial, which determines a space-time region by $M^8-H$ duality. The roots correspond to mass squared values, in general algebraic numbers, and thus to mass hyperboloids in $M^4_c\subset M^8_c$. The $H$ images correspond to 3-hyperboloids with a constant value $a=a_n$ of light-cone proper time. Therefore the Galois group can permute points with time-like separation. Note however that the real or rational parts of two values of $a$ can be same.

This looks very strange at first but actually confirms with the fact that time-like braidings defining TQC correspond in TGD time-like braidings (involving also reconnections) of string like objects defining string world sheets, which are not now time evolutions of space-like entities as physical state but correspond to time-like entities defining boundary data necessary for fixing holography completely. Their presence is forced by the small failure of the determinism of the action principle involved and is completely analogous to the non-determinism for soap films with frames serving as seats for the failure of determinism.

\item Braidings appear therefore at the level of fundamental TGD and correspond to string world sheets. They are possible only in 4-D space-time but not in string models.

Also TQC-like processes appear automatically at the level of fundamental physics. In particular, the number theoretical state function reduction cascade for the Galois group following the time evolution induced by braiding can be regarded as a generalization of a decomposition of integers to primes: now primes are replaced by simple groups defining primes for finite groups. Nature is doing number theory!

\item Also zero energy ontology (ZEO) brings in new elements. The change of the arrow of time in "big" state function reductions (BSFRs) implies that dissipation with a reversed arrow of time provides an automatic error correction procedure. Also TQC in which the arrow of time varies for sub-modules, can be considered.


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