Smetham, Graham Bohm’s Implicate Order, Wheeler’s Participatory Universe, Stapp’s Mindful Universe, Zurek’s Quantum Darwinism and the Buddhist Mind-Only Ground Consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research . ISSN 2153-8212

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According to quantum physicist Erich Joos the following three issues are the outstanding quantum conundrums of deep significance:

1. The meaning of the wavefunction;
2. The exact nature of the mechanism of the collapse;
3. The connection between the quantum and classical realm.

In this paper I shall attempt to elucidate a possible approach to these central issues by drawing parallels between David Bohm’s notion of the implicate order, John Wheeler’s vision of the ‘Participatory Universe’, Henry Stapp’s account of the Heisenberg-von Neumann quantum ‘ontology’, Wojciech Zurek’s ‘Quantum Darwinism’ proposal and the Buddhist Mind-Only (Yogachara–Chittamatra) concept of the alayavijnana, the ground or store consciousness.

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