Evolution and Creative Order: David Bohm multi-time Evolūcija un kreatīvā kārtība: Dāvida Boma multi-laiks

Zeps, Dainis (2010) Evolution and Creative Order: David Bohm multi-time Evolūcija un kreatīvā kārtība: Dāvida Boma multi-laiks. In: 68th conference, section: Faculty of Theology; Science and Religion Dialogue, 2010. 12.02, University of Latvia.

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In place of traditional controverse, evolution versus creationism, we suggest many quantum mechanical theories, that from different points of views trying to consider basic physical theories and even some principal aspects of consciousness reconstruct what may be called multi-time, thus giving another life to David Bohm's idea of multi-time.

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Q Science > QC Physics > QC01 Quantum mechanics
Divisions:University of Latvia > SR Science and Religion Dialogue. Interdisciplinary Group
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