Klein, Moshe and Shadmi, Doron (2008) ORGANIC MATHEMATICS. International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 49 (3). pp. 329-340. ISSN 1311-8080

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David Hilbert, after introducing 23 Open Problems [7], finished his lecture at the ICM 1900 in Paris by explaining how Mathematics is an ”Organism” which needs to maintain the connection between its branches and keep them united in order to stay ”vital”. Unfortunately, he predicted that Mathematics might indeed break apart. This is already starting to happen. We offer a representation of this ”Unity Problem” of Mathematics, as stated by David Hilbert. According to our understanding, the solution for this problematic situation is connected to the 6-th Problem Hilbert suggested during that same lecture - involving the relationship between Mathematics and Physics.We shall test the Non-locality Principle in nature in light of the experiment that Alain Aspect conducted (in 1982) [1] as an answer to the EPR Thought Experiment [6]. We believe that establishing a new Mathematical language will possibly unite locality and non-locality General Relativity Theory [5] and Quantum Mechanics.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:mathematics and physics, Klein bottle, locality, non-locality, education
Subjects:Q Science > QC Physics > QC00 Physics (General)
Q Science > QA Mathematics (General)
Q Science > QC Physics > QC01 Quantum mechanics
Divisions:University of Latvia > SR Science and Religion Dialogue. Interdisciplinary Group
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