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Cālītis, Juris and Bušs, Dzintars Edvīns and Zeps, Dainis and Tjurins, P. T. and Rudzītis, Jānis and Biķis, Enoks and Titāns, Normunds and Mičulis, Kaspars and Gahbauer, Florian and Titava, Lelde and Taivāne, Elizabete (2013) Science and Religion Dialogue: What is Life? Zinātnes un Reliģijas Dialogs: Kas ir dzīvība? In: 71st scientific conferenece of University of Latvia, 8 February, 2013, Raina bulv. 19.


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Pitkänen, Matti (2021) About the role of Galois groups in TGD framework.

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) BIO-SYSTEMS AS SELF-ORGANIZING QUANTUM SYSTEMS. Technical Report. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) GENES AND MEMES. Technical Report. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) MAGNETOSPHERIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Technical Report.

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Pitkänen, Matti (2010) An Overview About Quantum TGD. Project Report. Prespacetime Journal. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) P-ADIC LENGTH SCALE HYPOTHESIS. Technical Report.

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) Pythagoras, music, sacred geometry, and genetic code. Technical Report.

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) QUANTUM HARDWARE OF LIVING MATTER. Technical Report.

Pitkänen, Matti (2022) Some aspects of Topological Geometrodynamics(TGD) and TGD inspired theory of consciousness. In: Seminar of Science and Religion Dialogue group, University of Latvia, 25. 01.2022, Zoom. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) TGD UNIVERSE AS A CONSCIOUS HOLOGRAM. Technical Report.

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) TOPOLOGICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS: AN OVERVIEW. Technical Report. (Submitted)


Pitkänen, Matti (2018) TOWARDS M-MATRIX. Technical Report. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2021) What could 2-D minimal surfaces teach about TGD?


Rosinger, Elemer Elad (2011) Can there be a general nonlinear PDE theory for existence of solutions ? (Unpublished)

Rosinger, Elemer Elad (2011) Four Departures inMathematics and Physics. (Unpublished)

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Zeps, Dainis (2022) Dažas domas, lasot Mario Livio grāmatu «Vai Dievs ir matemātiķis?». In: ZURD seminārs 25. 01.2022, 25. 01.2022, Zoom.

Zeps, Dainis (2013) Dzīvība un matemātika: vai ir kas kopīgs? In: 71st scientific conferenece of University of Latvia, 8 February, 2013, Raina bulv. 19.

Zeps, Dainis (2023) ΓΝΩΘΙ ΜΑΘΗΜΑ (GNŌTHI MATHĒMA) Or What are the foundations of our thinking? In: Seminar of the Science and Religion Dialogue Group (ZuRD), 24 May 2023., Zoom. (Submitted)

Zeps, Dainis (2023) GPT no iekšpuses: ko var iesākt ar GPT? Matemātiķa skatījums. Mans skatījums. In: ZuRD seminārs, 2023. 26. aprīlis, zoom. (Submitted)

Zeps, Dainis (2023) Modra Tenisona Zīmju semināra ieraksti. UNSPECIFIED. (Submitted)

Zeps, Dainis On Hemiolia Principle and Ornamental Numbers. [Scientific Manuscript] (Unpublished)

Zeps, Dainis Reliģijas un matemātikas dialogs: Dieva pierādījumi un Gēdeļa teorēma. [Scientific Manuscript] (Unpublished)

Zeps, Dainis (2017) Vai fizika beigusies? In: Zinātnes un Reliģijas dialoga grupas seminārs, 24. martā, 18:00, Latvijas unviersitāte, 15.auditorija.

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Zeps, Dainis (2007) On nature of mathematics. On mathematics and reality Par matemātikas dabu. Par matemātiku un realitāti. In: 65th Scientific Comference of University of Latvia, section of Faculty of Theology "Dialogue between Religion and Science", 2007, 8th February, "Mazā Aula", University of Latvia.

Zeps, Dainis (2011) Par zinātni kā instrumentalitāti: �kas mainījies pēc kvantu mehānikas ienākšanas epistemoloģijā. In: 69th conference, section: Faculty of Theology; Science and Religion Dialogue, 2011. 16.02, University of Latvia.

Zeps, Dainis (2015) Vai matemātika būtu pretrunā ar Dieva eksisteni? In: Ikmēneša seminārs, Zinātnes un Reliģijas dialoga grupa, 2015., 27. novembris, Latvijas unviersitāte.

Zeps, Dainis (2012) Zinātne kā instrumentalitāte un reliģija kā atklāsme: realitātes modelis? In: 70th conference, section: Faculty of Theology; Science and Religion Dialogue, 2012. 10.02., University of Latvia.

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