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Bell, Dallas F. The Twenty-Five Theses for Philos Sophos: A Partial Differential Equation from Mathematical Ethics’ Operators of Zhēn Xiàng for Interpolating Computerized Behavioral Flux in Economics. [Scientific Manuscript] (Submitted)


Christianto, Victor (2010) A derivation of Maxwell equations in quaternion space. Progress in Physics, no. 2, april 2010, 2010 (2). pp. 23-27.

Christianto, Victor A note on astrometric data and time varying Sun-Earth distance in the light of Carmeli metric. [Scientific Manuscript]

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Egoyan, Alexander THE CONCEPTUAL BASIS FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL PHYSICS. General Science Journal . ISSN 1916-5382

Egoyan, Alexander (2017) The Role of Physics in Science Integration. The General Science Journal . ISSN ISSN ISSN 1916-5382


Egoyan, Alexander and Khipashvili, Ilia (2013) On the Influence of Air Resistance and Wind during Long Jump. General Science Journal . ISSN 1916-5382

Egoyan, Alexander and Moistsrapishvili, Karlo (2013) Equilibrium and Stability of the Upright Human Body. General Science Journal . ISSN ISSN 1916-5382


Gahbauer, Florian H. (2016) Gravitācijas viļņi. .


Hu, Huping and Wu, Maoxin (2014) Premomentumenergy Model I: Genesis of Elementary Particles & Relativistic QM for a Dual Momentum-Energy Universe. Scientific GOD Journal, 5 (9). pp. 763-831. ISSN 2153-831X


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Mičulis, Kaspars (2013) Dzīvība un saprāts pašorganizācijas un antropā principa kontekstā. In: 71st scientific conferenece of University of Latvia, 8 February, 2013, Raina bulv. 19.

Mičulis, Kaspars Undeterminism and order in transdisciplinar context. [Preprint] (Unpublished)


Nixon, Gregory M. (2010) Whitehead & the Elusive Present Process Philosophy’s Creative Core. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research, 1. (5). pp. 625-639. ISSN 2153-8212


Pitkänen, Matti (2010) About the Nature of Time. In: TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness. Matti Pitkanen,

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) DNA as Topological Quantum Computer. In: TGD as a Generalized Number Theory. Matti Pitkanen,

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) Evolution in Many-Sheeted Space-time. In: Genes and Memes. Matti Pitkanen,

Pitkänen, Matti (2018) GENES AND MEMES. Technical Report. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) The Notion of Wave Genome and DNA as Topological Quantum Computer. In: Genes and Memes. Matti Pitkanen,

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) An Overview About Evolution of TGD. Project Report. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) An Overview About Quantum TGD. Project Report. Prespacetime Journal. (Submitted)

Pitkänen, Matti (2010) Quantum Model for Nerve Pulse and EEG. In: TGD and EEG. Matti Pitkanen,

Pitkänen, Matti (2009) TGD Inspired Model of Living Matter. NeuroQuantology, 7 (3). pp. 338-367. ISSN 1303 5150

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Pitkänen, Matti (2018) TOPOLOGICAL GEOMETRODYNAMICS: AN OVERVIEW. Technical Report. (Submitted)


Rosinger, Elemer Elad (2011) Four Departures inMathematics and Physics. (Unpublished)

Rosinger, Elemer Elad (2011) Heisenberg Uncertainty in Reduced Power Algebras. Prespacetime Journal, 2 (2). pp. 157-169. ISSN 2153-8301 (Unpublished)


Shadmi, Doron The Unity of The Mathematical Science and Ethics in terms of evolutionary scale. [Scientific Manuscript] (Submitted)

Sorli, Amrit and Fiscaletti, Davide and Klinar, Dusan (2010) Block Universe - According to the Formalism X4 = ict Space-time is Timeless. Prespacetime Journal, Vol 1 (Issue 5). pp. 739-744. ISSN 2153-8301

Sorli, Amrit and Gregl, Tadej and Klinar, Dusan (2010) Observer Is a Function of Four-dimensional Timeless Space. Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research|, 1 (2). pp. 129-131. ISSN ISSN: 2153-8212

Sorli, Amrit and Klinar, Dusan (2010) Integration of Science and Religion with SelfExperience of the Observer. Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science, 23 (7). pp. 91-95.


Titans, Normunds and Feščenko, Iļja and Zeps, Dainis and Kasaross, Mārtiņš and Mičulis, Kaspars and Atvars, Aigars and Bušs, Dzintars Edvīns and Paeglis, Roberts and Gahbauer, Florian (2010) 68th annual scientific conference of the University of Latvia. Faculty of Theology. "Science and Religion Dialogue” interdisciplinary group meeting. In: UL 68th conference, Faculty of Theology section: Science and Religion Dialogue, 2010. 12.02, University of Latvia. Raina bulvāris 19, Mazā aula.

Tjurins, Mihails P. Хокинг и вера в Бога: идущие вместе? Hawking and belief in God: coming together? Religious and scientific parallels in the Creation. [Preprint] (Unpublished)


van Leunen, Ir J.A.J. (Hans) (2011) Cracks of fundamental quantum physics. .


Zeps, Dainis (2017) Vai fizika beigusies? In: Zinātnes un Reliģijas dialoga grupas seminārs, 24. martā, 18:00, Latvijas unviersitāte, 15.auditorija.

Zeps, Dainis (2017) Vai matemātiku un fiziku vieno reliģija? In: LU 75. zinātniskā konference, 9. februāris, 2017. gadā, Latvijas universitāte, Raiņa 19, Dekanāta zāle.

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